Add Bluetooth audio streaming to AMI, MMI infotainment system – Audi, VW, Benz

If you own an Audi, VW or Benz from around 2008 to around 2015, there is a good chance your car has bluetooth but can’t stream music. This adapter lets you add bluetooth streaming. I tried a cheaper alternative first, but it did not even power on.

The CoolStream CarPro is specifically designed to adapt a vehicle’s 30-pin apple connector into a functional bluetooth device. My device is the Google Pixel 2 XL. Being android, it acts more like a dumb receiver. If you use it with an ipod or iphone, you do get more functionality like browsing playlists and such.

I know this is pricey, around $80 on Amazon – , but it works and is a bit cheaper than the Bovee 1000 or the Bovee WMA3000A+.

Installation: Plug it in, and connect to it in via your phone’s bluetooth settings. The light blinks blue when it’s searching, and solid blue when paired.

On your AMI/MMI screen, select Sources, and select the CarPro, it has a little iPod icon. You can leave the screen like this, raise the bluetooth volume on your phone to the max, and start playing anything you’d like. You can use both volume controls on the steering wheel or radio.

Small note, the very first time I used it something odd occurred but it hasn’t happened since, so do not worry. But I would like to share it with you.

Every time I’ve clicked pause in in any app, it paused for a few seconds, then automatically resumed. I’ve even force quit the app, and it will pop right back up. If this occurs (and remember it hasn’t happened since the first time I used it, you can switch to another source, such as the radio or SD card, and that will have the unit send the proper pause command to the phone.

But what makes this adapter work quite well is that you can connect to it and be connected to the AMI/MMI unit at the same time. AMI set to phone calls, and the adapter set to audio streaming and now it’s integrated seamlessly.

Lastly, when you turn your car off, the blue LED light might still be on. I was nervous that this could drain the battery overtime, but it eventually goes into hibernation. It will auto-connect as soon as your phone is in range.

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