Protect your Pixel 2 XL and kick back with the Spigen Slim Armor Case

Spigen has finally released its final case for the Pixel 2 and 2 XL — the Slim Armor. The company still has it listed as a pre-order at the time of my review, but it will ship within five days. It shouldn’t be too long before the Slim Armor makes its way onto Amazon, but for now you’ll have to order it from the site directly.

Spigen cases have always been some of my favorite for a long time. And you know what? Nothing’s changed. Actually, it’s even more enticing with the new buttons, style and texture. More on that is a little bit.


If you’ve had a slim armor before, you know how great it is, but now it’s even better. The TPU feels nicer, the back panel is now made out of a grippy soft-touch material. And the buttons offer the perfect amount of ‘clickiness’. The buttons are actually different than the previous gen — protruding more with vertical slits along the verticals, and there is a new texture on the power button.

The air cushion pockets on the inner corners are rounded off, and the kickstand is now very easy to pop open. You won’t feel like you’re going to break a fingernail anymore. The stand has a larger gap to get your nail into, and the corners are now a bit more rounded. The cutouts for the USB port, microphone and camera are standard fare, but the fingerprint sensor cutout is a little different. The sensor on the pixel 2 and 2 XL are much smaller than the original pixel, and Spigen knows this. They made the cut out just a little bit larger than the sensor, making the sensor feel larger than it is, and lets you perform those swipe gestures with ease.

The front lip looks to be just over a millimeter in height, giving a decent buffer between your phone and the pavement in case of an impact, but if you wanted even more protection, the Tough Armor is nearly identical but in a larger form. I prefer this one because I don’t feel like carrying around a brick all day. 

Spigen Slim Armor:
Spigen Tough Armor:


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