Mesh up your watch with these awesome quick release bands

I recently had to replace the band on my LG Watch Urbane and was looking for one that was similar to the stock one, nice leather, white stitching with a similar clasp. After tons of research and investigation I found the perfect watch band from a company called Fullmosa, but with an added benefit, they use the quick release pins. I had seen these quick release bands shipped with some smart watches, but never looked into them when replacing my own band. Soon it would become one of my favorite features.

The black leather band came with, what I call, a pin popper. For many people this little tool would be useful to tackle the task of removing their watch’s standard pins. But, I happen to have my own tool kit for watch repairs, so the inclusion of this tool was nice but not necessary for myself.


The band itself had the quick release pins embedded in the leather. The two other bands I have from the same company did not have them embedded. More on that later.  The black band was a near perfect match to my OEM band that came with my LG Watch Urbane. This made me very happy.

Installation was very simple. Once you remove your stock band, you can easily seat the new one in using the quick release lever. I was expecting it to be easy, but I wasn’t expecting to appreciate it as much as I did. I then looked at Fullmosa’s other offerings, seeking out a specific band that I’ve had on my Skagen watch — Metal Mesh. To my surprise they had it! Well, almost. I was looking for one with a clasp, and the ones on offer used the Apple Watch style magnetic connection. Fullmosa impressed me once, so I thought it was still worth a shot. The Milanese Series of mesh bands include Silver, Black, Neo-Chrome, and Rose Pink (Rose Gold). Of course, I opted for the Silver — the one I was initially looking for — and the Black. The Neo-Chrome color was not available when I had researched these, and so I might just have to order one. 

The Milanese series cost just a few dollars more but do not include the ‘pin-popper’ that the leather band did. More me it wasn’t an issue, but for others that do not have a watch repair kit handy, it was require you to buy one or bring it to a jeweler. The quick release pins are not preinstalled, but they do include a total of three per band in case you lose one. Again, installation was simple, with the added step of sliding the pin into place.

After using the Black band for some time, it was slowly becoming my favorite band of the bunch. What makes these mesh bands amazing, outside if the style is how comfortable it is. That mesh forms to your wrist’s shape like no other band can. As mentioned before, these don’t use a clasp, but rather the loop and magnet method. You’ve probably seen this in an Apple Watch commercial. The magnet holds firmly in place without issue and the ability to easily adjust the tightness at will is really great in the summer when temperature changes effect your wrist.

The leather band for about $11 and the mesh bands are just under $14 — great prices for great bands.


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