UNITEK Bluetooth speaker packs a big punch

For an affordable compact bluetooth speaker, you get a whole lot. The UNITEK Bluetooth speaker shell is made from CNC’d aluminium with a single etched band wrapping around the lower quarter/third of the body.

Where this speaker shines is with its volume and the clarity given its size. It boots up at half volume, so press and hold the volume up button until you hear the chime. After that you can control the volume from you phone or whatever device you are connecting it to. The highs don’t clip unless you are using a low quality track. The mids are great, and the lows are decent enough to keep me satisfied. Some bass heavy track have even make this speaker move whenever the bass hit.

Connection stayed strong from just over 20 feet away, and only started to glitch out from a distance when the battery was getting low. In my testing, I was able to listen to music for a mix of 3 continuous hours at max volume, and 1 ½ continuous hours of podcasts at half volume before the low battery glitching occurred. That’s 4 ½ hours of continuous usable playback, and one hour more than what UNITEK rates music playback at.

It charges via micro USB, and a cable does come in the box. There is an radio mode that uses that USB cable as an antenna, but I wasn’t able to find any clear channels. The other feature it touts is the ability to play music off an SD card. I tried, but was unable to get anything to play off one. And the microphone for voice calls isn’t very good.

At its affordable price, it’s okay to forgo the SD Card, Radio, and voice call features in exchange for a pretty awesome sounding bluetooth speaker – http://amzn.to/2eM34kU

UNITEK Bluetooth speaker-10
UNITEK Bluetooth speaker-6
UNITEK Bluetooth speaker-9
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UNITEK Bluetooth speaker-4
UNITEK Bluetooth speaker-3
UNITEK Bluetooth speaker-1
UNITEK Bluetooth speaker-5
UNITEK Bluetooth speaker-8
UNITEK Bluetooth speaker-2


Here’s the quick pro/con list.

Nice materials
Quick syncing
Great range for its size and price

The LED light can get annoying
SD card playback is hit or miss
Radio and voice features are not ready for real use

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