These cree LED headlight bulbs give HIDs a run for their money

Let me start by saying that these LED headlights exceeded my expectations. Zdatt claims that these Carvoxx Cree LED bulbs are equal to or greater than 55w HIDs, and I have to say that I think they are pretty similar. The car I installed them in, a 2011 Hyundai Genesis, had 55w HIDs, but the ballasts kept going out, so it was rocking halogens until these LED bulbs. Find them on Amazon:

They are rated at 40 watts and 4800 lumens per bulb yet they appear brighter than other higher lumen bulbs I’ve tested, such as the V8 kit. The fans and heatsinks are slimmer than most others, and this is an important design choice given the limited space available in headlights that have dust caps.

The metal and plastic on these bulbs feel much nicer and also look much nicer than most I’ve seen. And the screw cap at the top for adding the 8000K or 3000K sleeves is very easy to open and close. They use Cree XHP50 LEDs, which are fantastic, and are CAN Bus ready. This means you should be able to install them in most vehicles, even those that have a software check. The 12,000 RPM fans make a very low noise that is only audible with the car off and within a foot or two of the headlights, but since most people don’t leave their headlights on with the car off it’s really not worth a mention.

I put these in a 2011 Hyundai Genesis which uses an H11 bulb. There was no issue with clearance, but the Genesis uses a slightly modified connector which require me to cut off the plastic around the connector of the plug from this kit. It’s no big deal since you have to do that with HIDs anyways.

You can easily see them on during the day, while at night, they are super bright. Right up there with output you would find with HIDs.

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