TomToc Briefcase for Surface Pro – It’s also super soft inside!

Looking for a lightweight case for your Microsoft Surface Pro 4? Maybe for the Surface 3, 2, or OG number 1? Need enough cushion but not too much to make it super bulky? Perhaps some room for a few accessories such as a charger, mouse, some flash drive, etc? Then this TomToc Briefcase (A14-B02D) might be what you are looking for.

The main zipper is where you store the Surface. I use it with a Surface Pro 4, and it fits perfectly, even with the Pen attached. Velour-like material lines the walls with reinforced foam behind it, making it very soft with a solid offering of protection. There is even some room to lay thing items on top of the Surface.


Moving to the outer zipper, it has the exact same storage structure as the TomToc sleeve I reviewed for the Macbook Pro:


You can fit a decent amount of stuff in there. I was able to stuff it with a mouse, power brick, usb cable and wall charger, SD cards, USB drive, an SSD and cable, a small writing pad, a pencil and pen, with room to spare. This case offer an extra area to strap down the Surface power cable, power brick and another pen or two.


The case has a nice handle at the top for easy mobility. The company says it is spill resistant, but I didn’t test that out, and hope I never have to find out for myself.

For a compact, feature-rich case that offers a lot for the price, it’s certainly a great option. Find it here on Amazon: 






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