Make clear shells great again! Poetic Affinity case for Pixel XL

The Affinity case is Poetic’s clear protection option. It’s made of clear polycarbonate with TPU flanking the outer edges with two vertical strips coming down the back.

The addition of the TPU protects the case from being scratched and also protects the phone in the case of a fall. It’s a clever design choice. The case fits very snug, with all cutouts having ample room.



The 3.5mm headphone jack cutout is not the widest, so be cautioned if you have a headset with a fat jack. The buttons are very clicky. In fact, all three buttons are ‘clickier’ than the buttons on the other cases Poetic offers.


Gripping the phone is made easy by the raised lines dashing the trim of the case. The Affinity takes the normally boring approach to clear polycarbonate cases, and makes it great.

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