TomToc Sleeve puts your Macbook Pro in a Snuggy!

Laptop sleeves were never really my thing. The thought of thin foam surrounding my expensive computer didn’t do a good job putting my mind at ease when traveling from place to place. I’ve gone through many laptop bags for all the computers I’ve owned over the years, some thick, some compact, but never a sleeve. Nowadays, it seems that sleeves have evolved. No longer are the material selection limited to thin, questionable foam. Now, sleeves come in a variety of fabrics, colors and styles and offer many options.


This is the TomToc laptop sleeve (A18-C01G) for the 13.3” Macbook Pro. In fact, it can accommodate the 13” 2016 Macbook pro or any laptop equal to or less than the dimensions of the 13.3” Macbook Pro. Offered in both Gray and Black, this sleeve offers cushioned protection by means of reinforced super-soft, velour-like material. Oh man, it is soft! It’s something you need to feel to appreciate. Both colors sport the same blue interior. A beautiful blue, I might add.

The outermost pocket is large enough to fit some small accessories. For a size reference, I was able to fit nearly my whole hand inside. Hidden under the canvas-like material immediately above that magnetically closed pocket is a zipper the length of the sleeve. In here you will find more places to store your gear. Going from left to right, there is a marker and pen holder, three small slits/pockets staggered above each other the length of a credit card, and a large pocket — approximately 3.5-inches across and 5-inches deep. The pockets don’t have much give, but can adequately pack some decent accessories. I was able to fit my large 85w charger, a couple SD Cards, flash drives, and mouse with room to spare. I didn’t even use the space outside of these pockets.


I was impressed with this sleeve, it’s functional and high quality. The outer canvas-style fabric feels very nice, and the inside is just so — SOFT! It’s really nice. I wouldn’t use this case to lug around the city, but for running to the local coffee shop or to your local diner to eat some food while writing up this review, it’s a solid practical case.

You can find it on Amazon for a pretty decent price of $16.99:


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