Karbon Shield by Poetic for Google Pixel

We reviewed the brute of the Poetic bunch of cases, the Revolution, but now it’s time for a more tame case. The Karbon Shield is the company’s slimmer TPU case meant for a fair amount of protection with an abundance of style.

There is a small raised lip around the edges of the glass, much less than other TPU cases, and the back is flanked with some nice designs. The center of the back adds some thickness, not noticeable in the hand, with an added Carbon Fiber patterned panel. Surrounding that are a series of nicely angled recessions along both sides. These elements offer a very unique design to what would be a rather boring case.

Karbon Shield Poetic Pixel_04

The left and right sides of the case feature small protruding lines that offer grip, making this case very easy to hold without the fear of slipping. Cut outs are adequate around all the sensors and ports, with a very nice slope down to the fingerprint reader.

Karbon Shield Poetic Pixel_09

Something I had never seen before on a TPU case are the recessed reinforced corners that appear to be of a different material. Or perhaps a machined part of the TPU. Either way, it’s a unique feature.

Karbon Shield Poetic Pixel_12

The buttons are not the greatest, and the only weakness I can see given the type of case. The power button is fairly hard to press. I like clicky buttons that offer physical and audible feedback, but that is not what you get with that button. A remedy for this issue would be to make an incision along the long sides of the button with an razor, loosening up the TPU. This is a quick and easy trick that had worked for me in the past. The volume buttons are much better, however. They offer a decent amount of feedback. Oddly enough, the bulkier Revolution case offers fantastic amounts of feedback.

Karbon Shield Poetic Pixel_13

All-in-all, this is a great TPU case. And definitely one of the best looking as well. For under $11 (prices seem to fluctuate) on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2kUQMr9 – it’s a pretty great deal.

Karbon Shield Poetic Pixel_10

If you haven’t watched or read the review of the Poetic Revolution, you can check it out here: https://youtu.be/PvNaxexlR_s

Karbon Shield Poetic Pixel_06


Karbon Shield Poetic Pixel_05

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