Poetic Revolution case for Pixel XL is a beast

There are many brands of cases out there, some we all know and love, and some small ones we’ve never heard of. Poetic is a brand that’s been around since 2011 and is probably one of the top five case manufacturers out there. Poetic makes three cases for the Pixel and Pixel XL as of now, the Karbon Shield — a reinforced TPU case with Carbon Fiber style texture, the Affinity — a slim clear polycarbonate case with reinforced TPU edges, and the Revolution — a two-piece polycarbonate and TPU rugged behemoth.

I have spent a few days with the Revolution case on my Google Pixel XL. This case gives the Otter Box a run for it’s money. Although it may not feel as premium as the Otter Box, it provides a fairly liberal amount of protection with thick polycarbonate and stiff TPU. The Pixel is installed in the front half of the case where the built in screen protection lays. Them combined pops into the thick back cover, fixed in placed by a series of clips around the border.

Poetic Revolution Pixel XL 14 copy


Poetic Revolution Pixel XL 13 copy

It may be hard to believe but It doesn’t feel as bulky as it looks. It rests nicely in my hand and is easy for me to grip. The power button has an adequate amount of tactile feedback and the volume buttons are spot on with the amount of ‘clickiness’ I like.

Poetic Revolution Pixel XL 06 copy

The cutouts for the ports, camera and headphone jack are all precise or enlarged where needed. The Type-C cutout fits my larger-than-average cable, in case you were wondering. Speaking of the Type-C port, there is a small dust cover that closes over and into the port. It doesn’t go far enough in interfere with the floating connecting wafer. I was never a fan of those covers, so I would be inclined to cut it off.

Poetic Revolution Pixel XL 09 copy

Poetic Revolution Pixel XL 10 copy

Where this case shines is it’s price tag. This case only costs $14.95 on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2keMY3s

When comparing to the well-know Otter Box that sells for around $50, this case is a serious bargain for the protection it provides. You simply cannot find a case like this for that price. It also comes in a total of three colors, Black-on-Black, Red/Pink-on-Grey, and Blue-on-Grey. I’m a simple guy so the full black one is fine for me.

Poetic Revolution Pixel XL Colors

If a slim case is what you are looking for, this is certainly not what you want. If you want some serious protection, then here you go. Done!

Poetic Revolution Pixel XL 04 copy

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