Zdatt LED V8 Headlight and Fog light bulbs

These V8 series bulbs from Zdatt really spiked my interest. They can be used for either low-beam headlights or fogs lights and allow you to change the color temperature. You can do so using hard plastic sleeves that come in the kit. The ones pre-installed are crystal clear and output 6000K — pure white. You also have the choice of 8000K for a blueish-cool white, and 3000K for an yellowish-amber color.

Find them here: http://amzn.to/2iNDh7I

It’s hard to tell the color of each sleeve but if you put them up to a white surface and let a bit of light shine through, you can see the true colors show. Swapping the sleeves are easy, just twist the top off and sliding them on and off.


Each bulb is a 60W equivalent with 4 LEDS. For some reason, there is an aluminum heatsink with a fan that spins at 12,000 RPM. I can’t imagine these actually need that kind of ventilation but it’s there. The company claim it is IP65 Waterproof but I personally find that hard to believe with an open fan right there. I don’t think waterproofing matters much anyways.


Zdatt offers these bulbs in a few different sizes to fit most vehicles. They come in H1, H4, H7, H11, 9005, and 9006. Like all bulbs they will be mostly plug and play, but these large heatsinks may cause you to leave the dust cap off the back of your fogs or headlights if you have those and if the caps or light assembly isn’t deep enough.


I’ve installed these as fog lights on a 2004 Hyundai Tiburon. Installation is simple enough, disconnect and remove the plug, twist the bulb out to remove it from the socket, and replace with the new bulb.


On the passenger side, the large aluminum heatsink on the bulb wasn’t able to clear the washer fluid reservoir, so removal of the fog assembly was required to install the bulb on that side alone. I do wish the heatsink and fan were slimmer to accommodate tighter spaces.


You can see in my photos and video all the colors. They are as advertised in my opinion, but they were even brighter than I expected. The car has 55w 6000K HIDs, which are good to use as a point of reference for brightness and color accuracy.


They bulbs look fantastic and are super bright. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone that want huge light output with the option of changing colors. If you found this review and video useful, hit that like/thumbs up button on my review.







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