Eighty Plus 10,000 mAh battery pack

When I was searching for a portable battery pack, I had a few requirements. I wanted it to look good, feel premium, have a slim form factor, large capacity, support USB Type-C, and have QC 3.0 or 2.0. This power bank hits nearly every peg on my list. Let’s break down each section.

80 plus battery pack top view

Design – 9/10:
The entire outer shell is aluminum while the end caps feel like chrome plated plastic. The chrome on the ends is not particularly nice. I would have much preferred any solid color instead. Aside from that visual issue, the device has a great look. The one I have is Space Grey, meant to match the corresponding Apple product color. The other two colors match apple’s products as well. I am primarily using this for my Pixel XL in “Quite Black” so I decided to get the darkest color option. Of course space grey will be lighter, but oh well. Not a big deal, just an OCD thing I need to deal with.
It has a fairly slim profile, especially when compared to other 10K+ mAh packs. It is a tad shorter in height than the Pixel XL and a little less than twice the thickness. This makes it easy to hold the two together if you wanted to charge your phone and use it at the same time. I also like that is had a nice weight to it. Not too heavy, but enough to say, “that feels like a quality product”.

80 plus battery pack ports

I/O – 10/10:
There are three ports. USB: Type-C, Micro, and A (standard).
The battery pack can be charged via Type-C or Micro. You can charge your phone, or any other device, via the Type-C or A port.
I have tested both charging options, and found that Type C charges the unit a tad faster that Micro. As for charging a device with the pack, both ports show “Charging Rapidly” on my Pixel XL. I peaked at about 2.3 amps over USB Type-C when my battery was at 47%. Over Micro, I peaked at 2.1 amps at the same battery level. Please note, these figures could be higher if you change when the phone battery is at a lower percentage. That is just how the new charging tech works. So it is possible that you could get closer towards 3 amps over Type-C or Micro.

Other functions – 7/10:
By other functions I am referring to how you turn the unit on/off and battery light status. To turn on you can either click the button once, or just plug in the unit. To shut the unit off, you click the button twice, or unplug and wait a while.There are 5 LEDs, each one indicates a different level of charge.
They are very bright and blue. Each one pulses as it is being charged and all flash when it is almost completely charged. When all LEDs are solid, the unit is fully charged. I find the blue LEDs to not match the unit. They are also way too bright, especially when you are charging it up while going to bed. I would have preferred a more subtle series of tiny white LEDs that gently glow.

80 plus battery pack with Pixel XL

Capacity – 10/10:
This is a quick one. 10,000 mAh was my minimum and I have it. I got this decision using math. The Pixel XL has fantastic battery life so all I really needed was one full charge if I happen to not be around a normal outlet for more than one day. Having at least one backup for other people to use or to not have to recharge this unit is my reason for wanting a capacity that can handle at least two full charges. The Pixel XL has a 3450 mAh battery. That is quite large. Double that number and we get 6,900 mAh capacity. Battery packs often loose 15-20% of it’s total when transferring power. Let’s be conservative and knock 20% off of 10,000 and we get 8,000. That means I should expect to get at least 2 1/3 charges. Perfect!

80 plus battery pack accessories

Accessories – TBD:
This unit comes with a USB Type A to C and A to Micro. The A to Micro probably works well, but I have a bunch of quality cables that I’d prefer to use. So I have not tried the Micro USB cable that was included. The Type A to C cable looks nice, but since there was no mention of a resistor, nor has Benson tested it, I will not be using the supplied cable. I have been using a Type C to C and Type A to C that has been Benson approved. I refuse to take risks with my devices. The large cables you see in my photos are Cable Matters brand. Those are the ones I use. Below are links if you would like to check them out:
Cable Matters USB Type C to A on Amazon
Cable Matters USB Type C to C on Amazon

80 plus battery pack side by side pixel xl

To sum this up. Everything about this battery pack is fantastic with the exception of chrome caps and the bright LED lights. Therefore, this is almost a damn near perfect accessory to own.

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