Save $325 on your Pixel WITHOUT the T-Mobile ONE Plan

T-Mobile has announced that if you were on or moving to a T-Mobile ONE plan you are eligible for a $325 bill credit. That number is based on half the value of the Google Pixel 32GB, so they can claim it as “getting half off the Pixel phone”.

Well, it looks like that promo extends further than the T-Mobile one plan. It appears that being on an UNLIMITED plan, the one before the Simple Choice plan existed will also make you eligible for this offer. If you don’t have a pre-Simple Choice unlimited plan, the higher tier Simple Choice plan could also work.

To confirm if you are eligible, head over to this link:

Enter your Phone Number, PIN, and Promo Code “PIXEL”. If eligible, you will be greeted with the 2016 Pixel Promo page. Select the offer and continue through the process. You will need to enter the IMEI of your Pixel device. The last screen will ask you to upload your receipt, then you will see the thank you screen. That’s it.

So if you happen to have T-Mobile and have an eligible plan, you may — technically — be able to get the 128GB Pixel XL for only $545 (excluding tax of course), which is a pretty amazing price.

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