Made by Google pop-up stores are coming to New York City

The #madebygoogle event on October 4th was just the beginning of it’s campaign. While the Pixel and Pixel XL phones are to be officially launched on October 20th, with preorders to arrive days later, you can pick one up on release day. I’m not talking about Verizon or BestBuy stores that will only carry Big Red’s locked bootloader variant. I am talking about the same ones you can buy from the Google Store.

google pop up store nyc

Google will be setting up pop-up stores around manhattan starting October 20th. These temporary stores will afford you the opportunity to experience all the Made by Google toys that debuted at the official event. Even better, you can purchase them on-site. NYC is a huge electronics market, so what better place to erect pop-up stores than New York.

google daydream vr

This is not only for selling products, but doubles as a marketing tool. It is a great place to examine all the Google gear, and play around with it before you decide to drop the big bucks. If you want to view the next pop-up location, head over to

google chromecast ultra 4k

At the time of writing this, the next pop-up store will be open on October 20th, 2016 at 96 Spring St New York, NY 10012

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