You can snag an Xbox One S for only $240 today! Some trickery required

You can save $60 off this Xbox one S Halo collection bundle
and save $140 off the already reduced 55″ 4K LED Smart TV by LG

The combination of these items is currently $1,000
but you can get them for $800 total (and possible only pay for the xbox, watch till the end to find out how).

-Simply go to
-Search for xbox one s
-Select the $300 bundle by adding it to the cart
-Then search for model number 55UH6150
-Select the item and add it to the cart as well
-Click on your shopping cart and you will see the TV knocked down to 559.99, a additional savings of $140 from the sale price
and if you scroll down the Xbox One S is now 239.99, a saving of $60.

Right now you are getting a great deal on a quality TV and Xbox one S, however similar deals have been taken advantage of by returning one of the items and able to keep the deal on the other.
I am not saying this is the right thing to do, what I am saying is that it is possible.


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