Magichold Aluminium Macbook Pro Laptop Stand

Aluminum Laptop stand for Macbook Pro 13” 15” is a Twelve South Style ParcSlope Replica

If you are looking for a nice sold laptop stand for your laptop or specifically macbook, macbook pro or iPad, then this one is for you. It is a generic chinese product under many brands. Look below for all the links. I purchased mine for about $25 after shipping. That is half the price that twelve south is asking for there ParcSlope stand, which this one is pretty darn close to.

The only different between the twelve south parcslope and this laptop stand is a little bit lighter, the corner bend is at an acute angle rather than a right angle, and the silicone pad shapes is a little different.

It’s definitely a great buy. It holds my 13 inch macbook pro retina perfectly stable and I even edited this video while using it. The silicone is grippy and it does not slide at all.

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Magichold Aluminum Laptop Stand – This is the one I ordered:

Stouch Aluminum Laptop Stand – The exact same as mine:

Gold version of the one above:

Violin Aluminum Laptop Stand – Another that is the same as mine:

INNORO Aluminum Laptop Stand – A more accurate replica of the Twelve South version:


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