Case Logic Laptop Bag Review for 13 inch Macbook Pro ZLCS-214

So I think I finally found an almost perfect or even the best laptop bag for my 13″ Retina Macbook Pro

My issue finding a bag is that I wanted something small (smaller than my old bag for a 15.4″ laptop) and yet still have many spots for my gadgets. There are so many options for tiny netbooks and tablets and also for larger 15″+ laptops, but the 12″-14″ laptop range suffers with little offerings.

In comes the Case Logic ZLCS-214 Laptop Bag / Case. There wasn’t many pictures of the inside online and I only really found written reviews on Amazon about the larger variant. So I decided to take the plunge and buy this bag since it looked the most promising.

It is a 100% buy from me. Here are all the pros!
-Compact given its offerings
-Fits my Retina 13″ Macbook Pro very comfortably
-Padded Section for a large tablet or even a netbook
-Another section I used to fit a second 8″ tablet
-Compartment for accessories
-A small compartment for throwing things in quick
-And the handles feel good

-The security split feature is rather useless and annoying to me. I will be using it to store docs/notebooks

It had cost less that $40 on Amazon which seems very reasonable:

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